About Home Energy Savings Solutions

Cold, drafty room? Think you need expensive new windows or a new HVAC system? Want to know how to save 20-40% on your energy bills?

Our trained and certified home energy auditor will inspect your entire home as a system and evaluate energy loss using advanced diagnostic equipment. At the conclusion of the audit you will be presented with a comprehensive report detailing all findings and solutions, along with a payback period for repair and retrofit options.

OUR MISSION is to provide homeowners with comprehensive energy audits and solutions that will assess and improve comfort, alleviate unhealthy conditions, save on energy bills, and reduce energy usage’s impact on the environment.

What We Do

One of our BPI certified building analysts will:

Thermal imaging picture showing heat loss and wasted energy, energy audit n va

  • Visual Inspection of interior and exterior of homes to determine air leakage, insulation issues, moisture problems, and other problem areas.
  • Safety testing on all combustion appliances, with checks for leaks, carbon monoxide, incomplete combustion, backdrafting, and other dangerous conditions.
  • Use a blower door to depressurize the house and find all air leaks.
  • Use an advanced thermal imaging camera before and with with the blower door test to pinpoint air leakage, find missing or inadequate insulation, and discover moisture and mold issues.
  • Check HVAC system and determine efficiency and inspect ducts for leakage or improper insulation.
  • Analyze appliances and lighting to determine cost savings on upgrades.

You will be presented with a comprehensive report at the end with an itemized list of energy efficiency improvements’ cost, benefit, and payback period.

Many of the recommendations can be done yourself, we’ll be glad to show you how for the dedicated DIY’er. Home Energy Saving Solutions does air sealing, insulation, and weatherization, often the most cost-effective measures with the highest Rate of Return. We conduct the blower door test after the work is completed to measure the increased efficiency of your house. We guarantee all work and energy savings!

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