About Home Energy Audits


How Does an Energy Audit Work?

Your house has many components working together as a system. Many people wrongly assume an expensive component like windows or an HVAC system needs to be replaced to increase energy efficiency. That’s why its so important to have a trained building analyst use sophisticated equipment and energy modeling tools to conduct a whole house systems approach to determine your home’s energy profile. We will work with you to identify improvements that will result in real energy savings while improving the quality and comfort of your home and at the same time reducing wasted energy that contributes to greenhouse gases.

An Energy Audit will:

  • Improve the comfort of your home
  • Improve the efficiency of your home
  • Help you save money on your utility bills
  • Take advantage of local, state, and federal incentives with efficient upgrades
  • Become a part of the solution and reduce your carbon footprint
  • Give you a game plan for reducing your energy usage and realistic return on investments rates for various energy saving upgrades

Residential Energy Audit
Nationally Certified Team

Our auditor will visually inspect your home’s interior and exterior to uncover air infiltration, moisture, and other issues. Our audit will cover a conversation with the homeowner about issues with their home, as well as energy saving advice.

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Blower door testing will pinpoint all air leaks that lead to inefficient draftyBlower Door Testing

Air infiltration can account for 30 – 40 percent of your heating and cooling bills! Air leakage wastes energy and makes your home uncomfortable by allowing exterior air, humidity, dust, moisture, and pests inside. The blower door is a precise fan system with which we can test the leakiness of your home. Essentially, we suck the air out of the house and see where outside air is rushing in to replace it. With this test, we can increase the efficiency of heating and cooling systems, save you money, enhance indoor air quality, and lessen your impact on the environment.

Infrared themal imaging camera shows moisture and mold issues, virginia, fairfaxInfrared Thermography

The Infrared Camera is among our most valuable tools for diagnosing energy efficiency during an energy audit. By scanning the interior of the living space in infrared, we can pinpoint areas of weakness in your building’s envelope, insulation, duct system, windows and doors. These images suggest the most cost-effective points for home improvements.

we test combustion appliances for safety, gas leaks, carbon monoxide, CO, energyCombustion Analysis and Safety Testing

A Home Energy Audit from Home Energy Saving Solutions may include Worst-Case Depressurization Testing, which ensures your family’s safety from hazards including carbon monoxide and fire. Hidden leaks in your home’s natural gas supply pipes are quickly detected and tagged for easy correction, most homes have some leaks. Our nationally-accredited home energy auditors may also perform analysis of the CO and CO2 emissions, steady state temperature and efficiency, and gas spillage potential on each furnace, water heater, and boiler in your home.

Comprehensive and Detailed Reporting

All issues and problems are presented in a clear report with digital and thermal images of your house. This gives you an idea of cost, effect, and simple payback on the recommendations we make. This report will also include local, state, and federal incentives available on applicable upgrades and retrofits. You will be able to make an educated financial decision based on an estimated rate of return, and objectively see what the priorities are.

Thermal infrared imaging camera shows air leaks and insulation missing or blown

This image shows insulation that has been blown back from the edges of the attic. This “windwashing” could have been prevented with the proper use of soffitt baffles at the eaves, for very little additional cost. But it does appear that the top plate for the exterior wall has been air sealed, or else we would also see cold air washing down the walls as well.