An Overview: How To Save Energy By Doing An Energy Audit

Many of us read of the wonderful savings in electric bills that can gotten with a simple energy audit via a professional energy auditing company or even one’s utility company. There are savings indeed, but even more important are the many benefits to be derived from an energy-saving audit once the recommendations are implemented.

This being said, customers should know that not all audits are free; moreover, not all are comprehensive either. While a professional survey is far more effective and highly recommended, a simple DIY walk-thru by homeowners or a preliminary online survey found on many regional utility sites can help reveal much about where one’s energy-saving measures can best be applied. However, in order to be more certain, consider calling a professional energy assessment technician.

When In Doubt, Call A Pro

Going room-by-room, professional technicians will give homeowners a more thorough and accurate picture of where best to save and what to upgrade. Typically, a savings of 30 percent can be realized after such a professional assessment takes place.

Benefits Of A Professional Home Energy Survey

  • Many times, state, local and utility incentives or rebates can be obtained to help off-set the costs of upgrades. Some utilities may even give energy audits with a discount; however, others may not charge for the assessment at all.
  • An assessment will reveal any health-endangering humidity and moisture in a variety of areas such as in the attic or basement.
  • Methods to lower one’s energy bill and ways to make a home more comfortable during the winter and summer months are also covered by technicians.
  • One will be helping reduce one’s carbon footprint on the planet and become more environmentally conscious.

As said, all these benefits and more are readily available to homeowners who comply with the recommendations given by an energy-efficient assessment. More information is easily found on any utility website or that of a professional, certified energy assessment company.