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The energy expert was a pleasure to do business with. He was very knowledgeable, thorough professional and I highly recommend his services.

Rajat B.

Great service! The inspector was on time, friendly, and had a wealth of knowledge which he shared freely. I now have a detailed report with all of my house’s problems and priorities, I am halfway down and I almost can’t wait for the extreme weather to see what difference has been made on my electric bill.

Mike D., Annandale, VA

Mohammed…responsive, knowledgeable, professional, courteous, competitive pricing, performs as promised;

and his team…competent, diligent, concerned with cleanliness, efficient, courteous.

All of them proved willing to “go the extra mile”. What more is there to ask?

Thanks Mohammed!


The auditor, who was obviously very experienced, first did a walk through both the inside and outside of the house, pointing out many items and asking about the heating, AC, windows, etc. He then installed a BIG fan in my front door and then turned it on to pressurize the whole house. He went from room to room with a special thermal camera which instantly showed where there were energy leakages. I should receive the report in a few days, including estimates on remedial work that the firm itself will do, if I wish There was no hard sell for their insulation and weatherstripping services. In fact, even though they can arrange to install replacement windows, he was quick to tell me that the payback on window replacement is fairly long.

I’m a pretty savvy homeowner and think that I have already done a pretty good job making my house energy efficient. I am extremely impressed with the company and will be sure to recommend them to my friends and neighbors.


This work was done very well and I would use the company again. I have an older house, built in 1972 and we have made a number of improvements since we bought it in 2001.

I contracted, via Angie’s List, to have this company do an energy audit of my house last June. We have been in the house 10 years and have done a number of things to increase our energy efficiency: new windows, R-49 insulation in the attic, insulated garage doors, double glazed doors onto the deck and the basement and a few other things that all helped a lot. But when the temperature gets below 20, the main level of the house was cool, especially on the floor and our basement was very cold.

Mr. El-ghoul came to the house & carefully inspected from the basement to the attic & pointed out some areas that he thought were leaking air. Then he attached a large fan to the front door frame, with the rest of the house shut tight & turned on the fan. He went around with an infrared camera and took pictures of many locations in the basement and house that showed air coming into the house through the many small cracks & holes. The basement was very leaky all the way around the point where the foundation meets the frame of the house.

He submitted a proposal to us to to add weatherizing to the basement foundation walls, to seal all accessible penetration points to the outside, to the attic hatch, to various doors that were leaking & some other sites. The cost was $1600 and the company did the job in August in one day. It was still hot weather, but I could tell the house was staying cooler than before even though my impression was not based on real data.

I wanted to wait for cold weather before I wrote a review of the work and now it has arrived in Jan. 2012. This morning it was 18 at my house & the coldest morning yet was 13 degrees. The house is much more comfortable on these cold days and the temperature on each level is far more balanced than it used to be. The basement used to be cold, the main level cool, and the second floor was hot. Now the basement is warmer, the main level is very comfortable and the top floor is fine. With the thermostat set at 72 on a cold evening, the temperature in my bedroom was 71 when I came upstairs last night.

Another big difference to the house was the work he did around the laundry room, which is immediately behind the garage. In past years, that room would often be about 60 degrees or lower on a cold morning. When I got up this morning, it was 18 outside, 69 in the kitchen & 67 in the laundry room. I have kept a space heater in the back room since I lived in this house and I have not used it this winter.

The company did a very good job finding the penetration points in the house, plugging the holes, and did this for a reasonable price. The comfort level, both summer and winter, has increased noticeably and we are very happy with the work done.


My house was built in 1983 so the attic and crawl space were in need of significant energy upgrades. We knew there were problems with an attic space that needed to be insulated and we had damp odors coming up into the first floor from a crawl space in the basement that had never had been properly sealed.

Mohammed suggested in his report putting a foam board in the attic since we have an air handler there to separate the outside space from the inside space. There are 2 bedrooms and a bath there also and the temperature change going up the stairs was at least 10 degrees in the summertime. They installed the foam board, taped all seams and put caulk into all the seams.

In the basement crawl space, under extremely restrictive space, they put insulation in all the outside walls and laid a plastic vapor barrier on the dirt, going up the wall a foot, overlapping and taping 12′ and applying foam caulk to all seams.

Mohammed analyzed the entire house and sent a very detailed written report within a few days of the inspection with suggestions for those 2 areas as well as insulating doors and windows that we knew were deficient. We discussed his report and agreed to go ahead with the work, although I had to postpone it once. Mohammed was very professional and sent me a notice of the Va rebate program and asked if we were still interested in having the work done. We decided to go ahead and are so glad we did! His workers did a tremendous job! The work was more intensive than originally thought and we quickly came to agreement on that. He is wonderful to work with and does a very thorough job. His employees are knowledgeable and are very professional in their work. I cannot recommend Mohammed and Home Energy Savings Solutions highly enough. We can’t wait to get our next utility bills to see the savings, we already can feel the difference in the temperature of the house.

Janet T., MC LEAN, VA

They provided an excellent deal when we took advantage of their Angie’s discount price. Mo was on time and very professional. He explained what he was going to do and then explained what he was seeing when he examined the house. He did a visual examination as well as a thermal review of the house. The negative air pressure test really highlighted the issues we have with the house. His follow-up report was complete in providing detailed descriptions of the work needed to make the house more energy efficient and the price for him to do the work.

I really appreciated the work Mo performed and the value of the results. Thumbs up all the way around for Mo and his business.

Dorothy D.

Had Home Energy Saving Solutions audit my home and I was shocked to find all the energy leaks in my home. We made some easy improvements to our home and felt the difference in comfort and utility bills right away. Highly recommended for anyone that is serious about saving money on your utility bills.

Courtney E., Fairfax, VA

WoW!!! What a difference. I delayed an extra month to write this so that I could give you the actual dollar amounts in savings. These results are real. After purchasing the house through a bank sell, I called Mohammad at Home Energy Saving Solutions (www.virginiaenergy 703-260-1934) !! He came in, and in just a few hours was able to evaluate the foundation wall, above grade walls, Ceiling/Attic, recessed lighting, skylights, windows, doors, mechanical systems, ventilation, and fireplace. His evaluation included a blower door test, an infrared camera and a detailed inspection of the house that would rival the Mike Holmes on Homes TV show. The results were not very good. But, with Mohammad’s help and recommendations, given to us in a 12 page, superbly detailed and understandable report, he gave us everything we needed to increase this old drafty house’s Natural Air Exchange Rate from .74 to .35. That’s over a 50% improvement in energy loss through air leakage!! In short that means my 1988 house that was neglected and stood vacant for over 2 years now meets the criteria of an Energy Star Home!! My HVAC system has to cool/heat less than half the amount of air that was being lost to the outside!! That’s $41.72 per month in savings!! That is real money in our pocket every month!! Not to mention that Mohammad did all the leg work and paperwork so that we could max the Virginia Home Efficiency Rebate Program and receive a check from the government for $595.00!! Home Energy Saving Solutions saves you money every month!! They’re extensive knowledge and professionalism is unsurpassed!! Believe me, when I say I always have his card in my wallet and freely recommend them for all your home energy saving needs or advice.

Hire him and take his advice, he know’s his job! Keep up the great work!


The auditor from this company came out to do an inspection. He is pretty amazing. He has got like a spiroscope kind of an instrument whereby he sucks all the air out of the house and makes it pressure less practically and then you can see how the hot air is coming in, how hot it is , and how much it is , it is really an impressive performance. He really knows what he is doing. He is good. He was very knowledgeable. He looked at the connectors of the air- conditioner units outside and those are completely un-insulated. You just put your hand down there you can feel the cold air escaping. He is very well informed. He understands the technical aspects of all this. He can explain to you the various advantages you can have by doing certain things. So you need to choose you cannot fix everything. He is the third person who has been here to solve my problem of heating the house and basically is the first one who had any clue how to do it. This man was very thorough. I have discovered that ordinary contractors don’t understand the principles of energy efficiency and I go online find out what the auditor is talking about. There are more modern, more efficient, more effective ways of doing things than what they are doing. He also gave me an estimate for the whole house and that is reasonable. I have not finished looking at the contract, and the repairs that he is recommending. I will have him to fix the problems.

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