Home Weatherization

Weatherization is a process that is designed to not only save you money on your heating and cooling bills, but to also help keep your home comfortable year around.

Sealing Leaks

First you need to seal off your home from all the outdoor air. We will perform a blower door test to determine exactly how much conditioned air is being lost to unconditioned space. Once we determine this, we are able to seal off the house and the duct work from the outside air. We have a wide variety of techniques and products that aid us in this process.


Next you need to insulate your home so that heat doesn’t escape. We are able to do this with our highly efficient insulation products. You want to use products that have superior insulating and air blocking properties.

This process will conclude with a final blower door test to give you hard core proof of the energy savings you will see in the future in your energy bills.

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